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IMPORTANT NOTICE: There will be no more shipping until between January 5th and 12th due to holiday shipping delays and cold temperatures.

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Welcome to The Feeder Store! We offer feeder roaches for sale. Dubia roaches are one of the best feeder insects available. We strive to offer you a great product along with great customer support and great prices. If you want a custom quote or just have questions feel free to contact us any time. The best way of reaching us is through email at

Dubia roaches are a roach species located in Central and South America. Baby blaptica dubia are around 3/16” inch and adults can reach 1 ½” to 2 inches. After adulthood they can live up to 12 months. Blaptica dubia have the great advantage of being extremely easy to sex as the adult males have full wings while the adult females have only tiny wing stubs. Even though they may have wings, they are unable to fly. They are also very slow movers. If one happens to escape you will have no problem catching them. They do not burrow and they also cannot climb smooth surfaces. They are a live bearing species and reproduce the slowest of all non-climbers. They have little to no odor making it much easier to be around them. They do not make any noise as they mature unlike Crickets. Read More

*We cannot ship blaptica dubia roaches to the state of Florida or Hawaii.
*We cannot ship blaptica dubia roaches or other feeder roaches to Canada.
*We cannot ship blaptica dubia roaches or other feeder roaches internationally.