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Dubia Roaches

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We are sorry to announce but we can no longer offer individual sizes or adults in orders. All Orders are mixed. Roughly 20% smalls, 30% mediums, 30% large and 20% extra-large.

Dubia roaches are one of the most popular feeder roaches. Adults can reach up to 1 ½“ to 2 inches. Once dubia roaches reach adulthood they can live up to 12 months.

Dubia roaches also have the great advantage of being extremely easy to sex as the adult males have full wings while the adult females have only tiny wing stubs. Dubia are very slow movers, and cannot fly or climb smooth surfaces. They are great feeder insects because of their shell to meat ratio. These feeder insects are live bearers, easy keepers, and very good breeders!

If you would like to purchase Adults, please contact me for further details.