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Water Dragon Care Sheet

Most water dragons are imported from Thailand and southern China. Water dragons usually live 10-15 years.


Water dragons need enclosures that are at least 2 times their total body length. Some water dragons like having others with them, but some are domineering. Water dragons are arboreal but they submerge and swim around in water. Branches should be offered for climbing and plenty of ground space and feeding. You can have live plants such as Dracaena, Scindapsus aureus, Ficus Benjamin, Monstera deliciosa and staghorn ferns. Substrate can be newspaper, wrapping paper, Astroturf or outdoor carpet, or a mixture. Water dragons are messy so it may be hard to keep the substrate clean. Do not use shavings, gravel, crushed corn cobs, kitty litter, wood shavings or potting soil. They have an active digestive system so they require a constant clean up.



Day temperature should be between 84-88F. Night temperature should drop down to 75-80F and a basking spot that is around 90F will give a temperature gradient so they can find a comfortable temperature. Avoid heat rocks. Water dragons also need a UVB bulb for calcium/De production and need a constant humidity between 60-80%.



All feeder insects should be gut loaded and dusted with a calcium supplement. Hatchlings and juveniles should be fed daily. Roaches and mealworms are great feeders. Feeder insects should not be any larger than the space between the eyes. Also a mixture of greens should be offered. Mustard, kale, collards, escarole and dandelion are all great for water dragons. Adults should be fed insects every other day or every 3 days. Greens should be offered daily. Larger insects are fine for adult water dragons. Water must be available at all times; they should be able to submerge half of their body. Again water dragons are messy so the water needs to be cleaned out daily.


 Handling at an early age will help tame it. Take it slow and let it calm down. Water dragons would rather hold on to you and you hold on to them but always make sure it is secured and will not fall. Never grab them or squeeze them to avoid injury and never grab or pull their tall as it could break it.

If you have any questions about your water dragon feel free to email us, we’ll be glad to help!